Dunagan Irish Pub & Brewery FOUNDERS CLUB is a unique and special way to be part of our brewery and community. You are choosing to be a member because you love what we are, what we do and want to be a part of it all as well. In addition to helping us with some of our start up and expansion costs, this exclusive club has privileges unavailable to anyone else.

This is a (relatively) PERMANENT Membership

Only 5 NEW Founders Club Memberships available. 


Membership privileges include-

     * Special invite for you +1 to our SOFT OPENING on Aug 25th

     * Unique hand-made 22oz mug, personally made by our founder Jesse Dunagan with Haeuser Pottery. 

     * Special place for your mug to be kept above our fireplace or you can take it with you. (mug has to be on-site to take advantage of membership privileges.) 

     * 50% off Personal on-site Dunagan brand beer.

     * 25% off Dunagan merchandise

     * 25% off Personal on-site meals

     * Reserved seat +3 for our special events such a Saint Patrick's Day, Anniversary etc.  

     * Bottle of our Reserve Black Pool Barrel Aged Braggot Ale. (21+ req.) 

     * Personal thank you letter from our founder, Jesse Dunagan. 



*Sales are final and membership may be denied by owner in which case all funds will be returned.

*Membership is not transferable.

*Older Founder memberships from our original pub are of course honored. 

*Will be waiting here at the pub with your name on it. Slainte

*Member must purchase at least one drink or meal per year to maintain membership. (Military deployments exempt this requirement.




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